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When You Have More Than You Need, Build a Longer Table

"As a good neighbor and good corporate citizen, we actively give back, add value, and increase our positive impact. We take a regenerative approach to promoting health and well-being, protecting and restoring our natural ecosystems, and advancing social equity." 

Renee McKeon

Head of Sustainability & CSR


There is Something for Everyone at Our Table

The Good Eating Company infuses goodness into everything we do. Corporate responsibility is the cornerstone of our culture. 


Every detail of our operation is thoughtfully integrated with sustainability and CSR. We care about our farmers and their farms, how and how far the food travels, sustainable packaging, the care of preparation in our waste-free kitchens, the people who prepare and serve the food with love, and those who enjoy it.


All the care in each detail adds up to a holistically delicious plate filled with good vibes. Food made with this much love is simply more nourishing.

(Not a scientific fact, but trust us. It's true!)


Good Eating Company is making a bold sourcing commitment: 15% of our food will come from producers using verified regenerative practices by 2025.  

GEC is also a participant in the REGEN1 Google-sponsored accelerator focused on market-driven solutions to increase regenerative agriculture in Northern California.


We believe all children deserve access to sufficient healthy food every day so they can learn, play and thrive.


That’s why we help
support the Sodexo Stop Hunger Foundation, a not-for-profit organization, with the mission to ensure every child in the U.S. grows up with dependable access to enough nutritious food to enable them to lead a healthy, productive life.


We use locally sourced and seasonal produce and support regenerative farms and local farmers whenever we can. It’s better for the planet, it strengthens our communities, and it tastes better. That’s what good eating means to us.

Finding and sourcing the best products within 150 miles of our cafés is part of our commitment to nourishing our guests, your associates, with nutrient-dense and deliciously sustainable food. 

PRIDE Drag Brunch 


Many of our clients have employees who want to get involved in philanthropy but are time-challenged.


We SHARE THE GOOD and bring volunteer programs on-site and opt in your employees - they can jump right in and help us make meals for the local food bank.


We build backpacks during school breaks for kids, meal boxes during the holidays, and bagged lunches throughout the year. Join us!

Honor 6.jpg
Making lunch for homeless Veterans at the
San Diego Stand Down


Our local restaurants are the cornerstone of a thriving community. We want to help them come back STRONG.


Our new flexible offer brings a way for you to host local, independently owned restaurants.

Restaurants Rising adds variety to the service offer and forges a community connection in our spaces. Strengthening their ability to recover and rebuild while sharing their culinary expertise and authentic cuisine is a win-win.  

Copy of P1010211.JPG
Cookbook signing with La Cocina incubator
chefs to end hungre.HEIC
Chefs to End Hunger and Vesta for food recovery efforts at our newest restaurant in Santa Clara, CA


We LOVE our partners!


We believe a diverse, inclusive, and sustainable sourcing model is the only way to operate.

Not only is this the right thing to do, it also provides innovative, uniquely different solutions and authenticity to our services and programs. The enrichment this ethos provides is a true win for all.


100% of our employees are trained in sustainable operating practices.
We minimize all unavoidable food waste and donate any appropriate product to local food banks.


Recycling and composting are second nature to our team, and we've helped many clients implement compost programs and advance their efforts to attain Zero Waste Certification. 


We believe the most effective teams are gender balanced and full of diversity. We believe in cultivating a culture where people can be  authentic and truly belong. 

We believe our people are our differentiator.

We actively recruit and mentor a diverse workforce and develop their skills to open career advancement by partnering with workforce development and skills-building organizations to provide training and recruit people from all walks of life.

Butternut Squash Rescue.jpg
Rescue of a ton of butternut squash at Bowles Farming Company
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