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Simple Food, Exceptionally Well

We believe in serving real food with pronounceable ingredients, made with care by our chefs and culinarians who take their crafts (but not themselves!) seriously.


We nerd out about details. The little things are big things to us.

With imaginative menus that are seasonally and sustainably inspired every day, we are committed to constantly creating innovative and fresh ideas. 


We care about the culinary arts, and we believe in the leadership of our teams. They have the freedom to be creative, knowing ultimately their work contributes to making every day a good day.

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Good Partners

We are often asked, “How is your food so amazingly good?”


It’s because we love our partners, we honor their ingredients, and we love sharing their stories.

They make it easy.


Good Stewardship

In our zero-waste kitchens, 100% of our employees are trained in sustainable operating practices.

Our food waste tracking system, WasteWatch powered by LeanPath, delivers proven results in reducing waste, as does the zero-waste cooking philosophy we instill in our chefs.


Good Ingredients

We’re fussy about our ingredients and proud of where they’re from so we show them off with fully transparent labeling and detailed menus.

The perfectly ripe strawberries in season from one of our amazing local farms simply makes our day.

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