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Best Of British - Scottish Oats

Once a month, we’ll be taking a look at some of the finest foods we love to eat in Britain, exploring health benefits, uses and interesting facts. This month, it’s our staple breakfast food: Scottish oats. 

Scottish oats are a great addition to any store cupboard as they are cheap, nutritious and incredibly versatile! If you’re strapped for time in the morning, you can soak oats overnight in yogurt or milk for an on-the-go breakfast option. If you’re feeling really adventurous, try a savoury bowl of porridge to switch up your morning routine. 

Whilst oats are commonly associated with breakfast, they can be used in popular evening meals as a crunchy coating for fish or chicken, or as a topping for your crumble.

Oats keep us feeling fuller for longer as they are high in fibre and are a great source of vitamin B1, which helps to release energy from food. They also keep our hearts healthy as they contain a type of carbohydrate called beta glucan, which helps to lower the level of bad cholesterol in our blood. So, whether you enjoy your oats in a traditional bowl of porridge on a winter’s morning, or blended into a breakfast smoothie, be sure to include them as part of a healthy balanced diet.

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